Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'ndeki binlerce üniversite arasından, yüksek öğrenim için gideceğiniz yerin seçimi hem çok yorucu hem de biraz korkutucu gelebilir.
The first thing to do is break down exactly what sort of options exist for college, decide what matters to you and what doesn't, and then narrow your options accordingly.  This will allow you to identify your target colleges - institutions where you plan to submit an application.  We offer extensive details on the various college options in the videos following this article, which allow you to...
...mevcut üniversite türleri hakkında geniş bir bilgi elde etmenizi sağlar... 1) Meslek yüksekokulları ve 2 yıllık ve 4 yıllık üniversite 2) Devlet ve özel üniversite 3) Üniversite ve temel bilimler fakültesi 4) Kar amacı gütmeyen ve kar amacı güden üniversite 5) Çok seçici ve seçici olmayan
... and then consider other college choices that will impact your experience...
6) Financial aid policies
7) Special focus or affiliation
8) Diversity
9) Location, size, and housing
10) Majors offered
11) Campus activities
Some of these choices may already be clear-cut for you.  Perhaps you know you want a large school with a diverse student body.   Other decisions may be less clear, both in terms of what you want or even in terms of what the choices represent (what is the difference between a university and liberal arts college, anyway?).  Continue on with the videos in this section to learn more about each of these options and how they will impact your college experience. For more information on identifying colleges, check out Big Future.