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Danny O'Neill - Pazarınızı Ayrıştırma

The Roasterie'nin Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı olan Danny O’Neill, yer aldığınız pazarda farklılaşmanızın önemi hakkında konuşuyor. Danny ayrıca strateji değiştirmenin, şirketin değerini ve misyonunu etkilemek dahil, ne gibi ödünleşmelere sebep olabileceğini tanımlıyor.  Orijinal video Kauffman Foundation tarafından hazırlanmıştır.

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Video açıklaması

Danny O'Neill with the history basically you buy green coffee and it's not too different than if you want to buy corn on the cob and something like that but you're you're we're buying something and we're transforming it popcorn might be a good analogy people they don't care about the kernels of corn they want popcorn grains of popcorn aren't going to do anybody any good and then popcorn at the car wash isn't going to do any good they want it sitting in the theater they want it sitting at home so what do people want and where do they want it when do they want it then can you get it to them freshness is key key key key right now if we do same day which we do you order today we're going to roast it today ship it today you're really going to get today or tomorrow so we have this sophisticated map and it's just Kansas City in concentric circles and what we really want to do is concentrate on that phase one you're going to get your coffee today or tomorrow you just back up 500 miles now we probably have 5,000 competitors that we didn't have how many competitors do you want so this is really a compelling point of differentiation and it's also speaks to having value that we have about freshness but there's so much within phase when I think we have a hundred and fourteen or fifteen million people in there there's a lot of room for us to grow within it we want to grow ten times where we are right now by 2020 there are aspects of size and technology that can actually make us better and more nimble and quicker than we were when we were small but at some point in time whether you're baking bread or making wine there's a point that there's trade-offs and you're not going to be special anymore you know if it's handmade by scratch and you could slice and dice and explain it scientifically and go through the ratios but if you did a blind taste test most of the time scratch wins and the scientists the bookkeepers the accountants would love to fight and argue about that but at the end of the day of you have a palette you can generally tell is this still delivering on our values is is still delivering on our mission I tell my folks I say I don't really care how sophisticated or how intellectual you want to get about it I just look at our logo our package or coffee in whatever environment that you're suggesting it being and I think is that brand building or does that take away we've turned down some significant pieces of business and that would not be helpful to our brand and that we didn't know anything about and at the end of the day it would have been just about money and it wouldn't have made us feel good