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my name is Dave Smith name of the company is Tex cape IT I ran away from home at 15 years old it was about 10pm right before my 16th birthday I broke into the Boy Scout house I opened the window and I went in the window and I closed the window that's called breaking in unfortunately I slept on the floor there I eventually went back home about a week or so later I got a knock on the door my moms like how somebody's down here to see you it's the police they handcuffed to me and drove me to the station I cried my eyes out I was terrified I'm 16 years old I was sitting in jail for five days I had this delinquent friends that I was hanging around with and I'm like I'm done with that like this that's the end of that I'm like I don't ever want to go through that again that was a changing point in my adolescence and the other changing point is when I graduated high school as I barely passed and then thing in the high school is I'm getting my diploma I say to my mom like top of the world MA and I was super excited about it and two or three days later and like nobody cares you know nobody cares about me succeeding anymore because when you're going through school the teachers primary job is to make sure their students get the grades that they need to get that's the goal but as soon as I got out of it nobody cared anymore it's kind of like a shock and I went to my mom after that I said can I go to college she's like you're out of your mind i'm not gonna pay for you to go to college you got arrested and you barely pass high school you think I'm gonna give you any money to go to college we're dawned on me and I'm like oh my god I could do somebody own I got to figure this out on my own how do I do this without having help so that's where it began and I stand and that's how it kind of started I was doing data entry I was a stock clerk and then my stepfather passed away that was kind of the final piece I said all right I need to do something big no I'm gonna make bigger decisions in life I'm not going to be lackadaisical and live in small town Connecticut and grow from small-town Connecticut I didn't think much bigger decision I need to take challenges I'm gonna move to Boston I'm gonna start a company I'm gonna move to New York City I'm gonna go there without any friends and live in a studio apartment and just believe in it my father used to have a saying can't never did nothing and it's the most broken English but what he was trying to get across and I didn't realize until after he'd passed away is that if you say that you can't do something you've failed before you've begun you have to continually push forward past the point and never say that you can't do something so that value that he instilled in me throughout my entire childhood is what gave me the ability to know that I was going to be successful and believe in myself if you don't believe in yourself you're not going to be able to stick your neck out there and say okay I need double the credit line that I need because I know that I'm going to be able to develop this business you have to believe and you have to push through all the failures and people to say that they can't do it every aspect of your life creates a decision and which pushes you on a certain path they ultimately gets you to where I am today sitting in front of you I'm happy to be here but if I didn't have any of those those life challenges beforehand I wouldn't have perspective to sit here