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Marina Abramović

Performans sanatı tekrarlanabilir mi? Müzeler tarafından nasıl toplanabilir? Sanatçıların söylemek istediklerini dinlemek için, Modern and Contemporary Art, 1945-1989 isimli çevrim içi kursumuza kayıt olmanızı öneririz. Orijinal video Modern Sanat Müzesi (MoMA) tarafından hazırlanmıştır.

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Video açıklaması

this kind of exhibition very unique the public will see something they never saw before and I hope they like it and I hope they really have the different and change opinion about performance art so the preparation for the moment show it's going well I mean it's a very big task for me because it's not just the respective my performance work is what really stands for the some kind of historical view what performance can be and how the performance can enter the museum and how can be performance collected from the museum and what happened if the performance the performer died if the work can be Reaper formed can be continued and what kind of rules that will take it's really interesting to see how the performance can be present in a museum life the title of the show is marina Brown which artist is present literally I will be there for entire period of time of three months and the duration of the opening of the museum which means the seven hours every day also there will be reapers of five of my performances some of them with which I made in 70s and 80s and they going to Reaper form in the same amount of time like three months so this kind of things never been done till now so it's a really a big experiment I myself never actually performed three months also if I might opening and my opening come only the artists of my generation I know something is terribly wrong because it means that my work doesn't communicate anywhere that means is dead there was a very funny interview of allowing it coin and he said I'm now in a third act and in third act everything starts very well but on the end the main actor died I also feel that I'm in a kind of third act right now you know it suspected in MoMA it's finishing the huge amount of of work which I'm very interesting is about legacy what you're going to leave you know after you you you die but one thing can live always is a good idea and I really wanted to have this good idea to live after me you