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Her yıl, 25.000 Britanyalı Müslüman Mekke'ye hacca gidiyor. Serginin bir parçası olarak Hac: İslam'ın kalbine doğru yolculuk, British Museum bu yolculuğun nasıl geçtiğini sordu... Orijinal video British Museum tarafından hazırlanmıştır.

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Oh I took my mother to my father took my wife I took my mother-in-law I took my sister's I went on the Hajj with my best friend and my husband my dad my mom my brother and my other brother and my sister and my cousin and my auntie and my uncle and my grandma and my other cousin yes the Ephraim you have to have that on which for men is two pieces of cloth very very basic that's what you have to wear the two white sheets that are resembling the shroud that people will wear on the day they die and the data resurrected when I was at Heathrow Airport I decided to put it on then a lot of people decided to put it on just before they reach the boundary so then everybody rushes to the bathrooms on the aeroplane you're surrounded by people from all over the world that addressed in exactly the same thing so you left all your material things behind no rich no poor like everyone's the same equal and like equal in the Muslim religion it was very strange we're in two towers when I went I just burst into tears and I cry for 15 minutes when you stand on the plane of Arafah and you see three four million other people around you it's just an amazing sight was the first time in my life something had really just hit me to the core the profound spiritual experience and my perspective on life had totally changed and so all you do is you eat you pray you sleep that is it I just find it really beautiful and also fact that uber demand was due not to the entire experience of such a journey as if it is growing on me under the ten I'm growing to live up to its if you like to its demands spiritual demands if you want to know how the Day of Judgment feels you go for Hajj because it's just between you and God actually forgot that I had three children that I'd left behind and after I'd finished the Hajj I thought oh my god I wonder how my three kids are I wanted to go up the mountain to this cave called gar Hara but my dad said it was too steep and I was too young so when I'm older I want to do that it's meant to cleanse all your sins that's how I felt and that's how I still feel sory spiritually I bought an awful lot back from Mecca I didn't really bring back tangible objects it was more mental and psychological I try and bring something different back every year dates of course dates for a lot of dates from Medina some Zamzam water Zamzam water Zamzam water the one piece of jewelry I bought myself back as a way of memento is this is the locket I'm wearing at the minute you