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Maori Toplanma Evine Hoşgeldiniz!

Living and Dying’de bir Maori toplanma evinin sergisi için yapılan bir dua seremonisi, Wellcome Trust Gallery, British Museum.

Videoda yer alanlar: Küratör Natasha McKinney, sanatçı George Nuku, Kateia Burrows, Ngati Porou ve Aitutaki.

Törendeki konuşmacılar: Karl Burrows, Ngati Maru, Te Ati Awa, Whanganui.

©Trustees of the British Museum

Orijinal video British Museum tarafından hazırlanmıştır.

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Video açıklaması

dig up the new a dookie up with the my it can I go up the last few months we've been preparing for a new display of Maori talent or cultural treasures here in the Wellcome Trust gallery where we have four large new displays and the one behind me is of Maori objects from New Zealand and it includes an indicative meeting house front the meeting house is an important symbol of tribal pride it also includes new components by the artist George nuku my involvement in the living and dying display and the Wellcome Trust gallery was part of a greater involvement on the part of the monty community we were invited to come and consult with the British Museum it was a was an attempt to ever open and honest dialogue between the British Museum and a mighty community based in London our out of that consultations came your ideas to make the works for the case having George work here in the museum really demonstrated to the staff and the public that Maori culture is very much alive today and that it's changing the Connors talks a bit about a will view that we could make this eighteen thousand six hundred miles away from where it's supposed to be let's say something about hell do i renew willingness to wanna get into the room when Maori Toma are put on display in museums it's quite common for there to be a ceremonial blessing that prepares the objects for the public to interact with them well a while ago i came to the british museum for a marty ceremony or blessing started very early in the morning about seven-thirty but was a time where a lot of the Mardi community and new zealand community and living here in London came to formally bless the tanger or the treasures that are that are here at the British Museum it started with the papaya the sound of the fukaya the traditional Maori instrument there were responses to the poukai and there was through the puter donna the car owner as the woman's welcoming call it binds everybody together so you'll hear responses to the cutting a woman from both groups will respond to one another's calls the actual day of the blessing of the dedication the investiture itself was indeed a big day for me it gave me the opportunity to say first and foremost to to the will to all present what I was feeling about the carvings themselves and what motivated me to paint the little pictographs on the rafters me daily the importance of the people that were there that day to partake in the blessing and walk around the tongue and touch and feel what they could was to awaken the tongue was to put their motive or their life force into the time Dena kotodama automata we go romantic Runa I know you don't attend a party no it'll tell you my honey who ate all my little thing of Oaxaca later chemically I but ya know capita they are you so at the end of each speech to show their support to what has been said the group of guitar and they will sing a song for a waiter or they'll do a hacker and within the words of the hacker or the water song are words that support from like reference to what we what speaking I think the display is beautiful and I would like to have it in my living room it portrays multi-culture as a living culture it says that multi-culture has roots firmly in the past but it's also saying that it's injected with a sense of vigor and a bright sense of hope for the future and I think the display is achieved that you