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if we have music with two sharps in the key signature those sharps are always F and C here is a minuet from Mozart's post torn serenade notice the two sharps at the start of the movement if we didn't have the two sharps at the start of the movement look at all of the accidentals we would have to add by putting the F and C sharps at the beginning of the line the music becomes much easier to read hey if we have three shops in the key signature the three notes that are shocked RF C and G this is the pattern one shop is an f2 shops F&C three sharps f c and g four sharps f c g d five shops f c g da6 sharps FC ji Dae and seven sharps FC ji Dae be with flats the pattern is one flat is always be as we've learned two flats b & e three flats be e a four flats de ad five flats be a DG six flats b.e.d g c and seven flats be e a d g c and f I will analyze all of this for you in future lessons look at the second movement of Tchaikovsky's fourth symphony notice the five flats at the beginning of the line look at all of the notes that are affected by those five flats being in the key signature you