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I really like how its independent and self paced so if I wanted I could move ahead in math or science or whatever I wanted to learn and we could learn things that we are interested in learning and not just a fitness you didn't want us to learn it's cool to see how no matter your age all the kids I all different ages can do wherever they want to be learning so that they can be like three years ahead of their grade I don't have to work at the third grade level everybody else you working at i can go above beyond what all my old school teachers working as expected from you or anybody else I love helping a little kids I'd get so much fun and I have friends of all the different ages and actually a lot of it turns the younger tickle to just stuff instead of I squared for yourself that's like also something really nice about having a mixtape learning everyone can be a teacher and I mean can learn from each other and not only the teacher can teach so that people have a chance to like teach people how to do things and sore feet over here and what it does it creates a prism and you'll see later but it reflects the light from the poor images that we have it's like the teachers are part of the community and there are just advisers more I coaches rather teachers I but now 0.8 minor 0.26 Ramon is your twin tips and I think students here are really self-motivated because nobody's telling them what to do and when people tell you what to do you don't want to do it so now that they have the power they empower themselves to learn more and everybody is just so friendly and very creative independent and smart and I think with all these people around it helps build a career one of the things I'm looking for service here is leading to new a very a little bit more than you last year and inviting other kids to be part of this educational revolution