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Hi my name is Morey Aldeeb. I was born in Egypt. Worked on a farm til third grade and then I came with my family to the USA. And I continued working and also going to school since we had to. But working full time didn't make school go well. I was mostly sleeping, and I wasn't doing well at all. And that continued that same exact way til eighth grade. And my family was also in the middle going back and forth between Egypt and here and nobody had decided yet exactly what we were doing. But then when high school started, two weeks in, my house burned. And I was like, that's it for school. There's no way it's gonna work out anymore. But after a year and a half of being homeless and in a shelter, my family was able to move in some where stable. And life was getting a little stable so I was willing to give high school another shot and let's see ya know, if I could really, if school would actually work out for me. Thank God that I found Khan Academy and they had everything that I needed. 'Cause I needed Pre Pre Algebra to actually start my way and actually be able to learn at an equal level. So they had it all for me. Ya know, they had Pre Algebra and then Pre, and then they had Algebra, and then they had the whole path just set up right there for you. Where I didn't even have to organize it or find someone to help me organize it or figure out what I would do. And I went down through every video and as I learned and I learned then things were getting easier and the pace was what I wanted. It motivated me a lot that I felt like I could actually learn. And I was learning and getting happier. And things were working out ya know. And I continued that same way and that even drove in a love for math for me and after finishing every video that was there, I finished high school and that year and a half I graduated in 11th grade. After finishing the 11th grade and I went through Queens College and I knew I could learn math so I continued learning math and Khan Academy was still there for me. They had Calculus and they continued through Statistics and Probability, and every class that I needed to continue to get my, to do well in math and I was able to finish in my Applied Math degree in two and a half years. And now I'm doing my second bachelor's here at Columbia University after transferring here.