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everyone agrees that it's very important for students to apply the skills and apply it in creative ways and unfortunate what happened to the traditional system is that it's very time bound you have 55 minutes to get things done everything is graded so the students are afraid of failure and anyone who's ever done anything creative tells you you can't do it like that you have to have enough space so you can think about what you're doing if you're going to do something worth doing there's a chance you're going to fail in fact there's a high probability you're going to fail but there's some probability that every not even going to succeed and you're gonna do something really really really interesting and you shouldn't be in the back of your mind thinking about the grade the entire time instead you should be thinking about well how can I authentically of show this to people that's a strong motivation other people going to look at my stuff you can experience it they're going to benefit from it that going to look at my portfolio and so a big part of con lab school is giving students the time so that they can pursue something that might be directly in their passion or to discover new passions so that could be anything from building robots computer programming is actually something that we consider to be one of the core skills it could be poetry it could be debate it could be other students downstairs or writing books so all of this falls under project-based learning but what's key is to not time-bound it to 55 minutes to not create this strange extrinsic motivation of the grade as the reason why you're doing it but you're doing because you want to do it and you want it to you want to authentically show it to other people and get feedback on it it's a super important skill of how do you give feedback to others and how do you take feedback from others that might be maybe the most important skill of all and then being able to iterate and constantly make things better and veteran and build on a portfolio so project-based learning if anything I would say is the core of of what we're doing it at the con lab school without sacrificing the the core skills and the other elements it that you would expect your education