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- [Instructor] Log into your Khan Academy account. If you signed up for Khan Academy as a teacher, you should see the teacher homepage. If not, use the menu at the top right to get to your teacher homepage. From here, you can access reports. The best way to recommend a skill to an individual student is to use the Skill Progress report. At the top of this report, you can choose the class and mission you want to look at. You can also filter the report by specific skills or choose to see only skills with which at least one student is struggling. Click the skill you want to assign, and then click recommend. By default, students who need practice will be selected. But you can select or deselect additional students as needed to set a due date, or adjust the number of questions that must be answered correctly in a row, click recommendation options, finally, click recommend to confirm, the R icon assures me that my recommendation has been sent.