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To see a sample progress report go to the khanacademy coach report demo To identify students who have struggled or excelled recently, we use the student progress report. At the top of the report , you can choose the class you want to look at You can also change the mission filter if needed. Scroll down to see a list of students in the class. The red column show the number of skills each struggled with during the time specified in the activity filter. To see more information about a specific student, click their name. A student level report will appear on the right. The skills tab shows what the students worked on during the specified time frame. A red square indicates the skills the student struggled with Click the name of the skill for more information about the individual problems the student attempted. You can also recommend a skill to student to practice. If you want to recommend the skill to the student is struggling with, we suggest working with the student one on one first to address any misunderstandings and set them up for success.