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4. Senaryo: Akranlar arasında bire bir ders verme ayarlayın

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To see an example progress report go to the khanacademy coach report demo To compare a different students' performance on same set of skills we use the skills progress report At a top of this report you can choose the class you want to look at. By default the report will show you progress information for the mission associated with that class However, you can change the settings to look at student's progress on a different mission if needed. You can even limit your report to one or more specific skill from the mission you've chosen. This filter is specially helpful, if you've asked your students to complete specific skills and want to checking on their progress. To see how individual students performing on a specific skill:click the skill name. On the far right, you'll see list of students who've mastered that skill. On the far left, who've attempted this skill and struggling with it. Many teachers find it helpful to pair students from this two groups for peer tutoring. By teaching their classmates, students not only helping their peers, but also deepen their own understanding of the material.