Khan Academy uygulamasıyla öğrenme

Discover how students can use the Khan Academy app to learn and practice throughout your course.
Over 30 million people have signed up on Khan Academy to learn on-the-go. Now, the Khan Academy app more closely matches the full Khan Academy learning experience than ever before.

Android ve iOS için Khan Academy uygulaması

Search for Khan Academy in the app store and download the latest version of the Khan Academy app.
Ödevleri alın ve tamamlayın
Students who log in to their Khan Academy account on their apps can view and complete assigned videos, article, and exercises on their phones. For students without convenient access to a laptop or other device outside of school, this option is particularly convenient.
Ana ekranda, Ödevler başlığına tıklayarak tüm ödevlerin gösterildiği sayfayı açın.
Incomplete assignments will show up first, and the assignment with the earliest due date will be at the top of the list. When students finish an assignment, it will move down under the heading Complete assignments.
Küçük ekranlar için tasarlanmış interaktif alıştırmalar
Khan Academy exercises are designed to be mobile compatible, making problems easier than ever for students to view and complete on their phones.
Aygıtlar arasında ilerlemenizi izleyin ve senkronize edin
As students complete exercises and watch videos, their results, badges, and energy points will follow them across devices. Students can practice at home, on the school bus, or anywhere in between without worrying about losing their progress.
Çevrimdışı olduğunuzda bile öğrenmeye devam edin
Students can bookmark their favorite content to Bookmarks for easy access and download it to keep learning even when they’re not connected to the internet.
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