The student experience on Khan Academy

A summary of what students experience when they use Khan Academy to learn and practice.
Note: Some of the features described in this article are coming soon!
We know how helpful it is for teachers to thoroughly understand the student experience when using any instructional resource, including Khan Academy. We'll walk you through exactly what your students will find on Khan Academy below.

Getting started

Students can login by creating an account at
First, students select their grade in school.
Next, students select one or more subjects to study on Khan Academy. For example, the 12th grade student below selected AP Calculus AB, Chemistry, AP Art History, and SAT.
After making their selections, a student will have access to a customized homepage that shows their classes.
A student can go to the Coaches tab on their homepage or type in and join their teacher’s class by either email or class code.

Viewing and completing assignments

As teachers make assignments, students will see them on their homepage as well as on the Assignments tab.

Exercises (problem sets) for students

The exercise screen has several features:
1) The progress tracker at the bottom of the screen shows the student’s answer history, including which questions were answered correctly and incorrectly.
2) Underneath each problem is a prompt to watch a video or use a hint. Watching a video will not affect a student’s progress, but using a hint will count the problem as incorrect.
3) In the bottom left corner of the exercise screen is a marker icon, which will open up a scratchpad to work out problems on a tablet, phone, or computer.
When a student finished a problem set, there are three performance categories:
Less than 70% correct: If a student gets less than 70% correct, the star and outer circle both remain grey.
Between 70 and 100% correct: This score counts as Practiced. The star is now filled in, but the outer circle remains grey.
100% correct: When a student gets a perfect score, both the star and outer circle are filled in.

Subject homepage

When a student clicks into a subject, several tabs will appear, including Explore, Classes, Practice, and in some cases, Mission.
Note: Missions exist for math subjects only.

Explore tab

When a student clicks into a topic to study from the Explore tab, they will be prompted to start a study plan by taking a brief diagnostic test.
The results of this diagnostic test will determine the first topics for recommended study and practice.
Students can track their progress within the Explore tab by clicking into a specific topic. For example, the blue color on the article below indicates that the student has already read it, and the three practice exercises show the student’s score and current status.

Classes tab

The Classes tab lists out the classes for that subject. To learn more about Khan Academy’s subjects, classes, and standards, click here.

Practice tab

The Practice tab narrows the resources to just exercises for a specific subject.

Mission tab (math only)

To learn more about missions, click here.