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İki Pilli Bir Direnç Devresinin Analizi

Karmaşık görünen bir direnç devresini basitleştirme örneği. Orijinal video Willy McAllister tarafından hazırlanmıştır.

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  • Enfal Sartaş kullanıcısının avatarı leafers seed style
    What if one of the batteries has different potential value? Is there any current across any battery due to the other battery?
    (6 oy)
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    • Alp Eren kullanıcısının avatarı duskpin sapling style
      Quoted from Willy.
      "This problem circuit from a test has a "trick" that allows a shortcut to a solution. Because the batteries are the same value (11 V) and have their positive terminals connected, this allowed me to add the imaginary extra wire between the negative terminals. From there, the problem became very simple. If the battery voltages were not the same, the problem could be solved by using Ohm's Law and one of Kirchoff's Laws to create a set of simultaneous equations. This would of course take a bit longer, but is guaranteed to produce a solution for any battery voltage. You could try solving the existing circuit this way, and check that you get the same answer."
      (5 oy)
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