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Santa Rita İlköğretim Okulu'nda 3. Sınıflar Robot Yapıyor

Bayan Rowhani'nin üçüncü sınıf öğrencileri, madde ve enerjiyi Khan Academiyle birlikte bir Spout robot yaparak öğrendiler. Teşekkürler: Santa Rita gönüllü aileler, Kami Thordarson, Karen Wilson ve tabii ki sınıf öğretmeni Laleh Rowhani. Orijinal video Karl Wendt tarafından hazırlanmıştır.

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Video açıklaması

to me seeing the third graders in this kind of setting is exactly what we talk about when we talk about hands-on learning project-based learning and it was amazing the kids understood the concepts I mean I checked in with three or four different kids and each one that I asked about the sensors and their rope they were able to explain to me why the robot was getting the wood and how the motor had to reverse I mean I was just blown away by the vocabulary and the concepts that kids are introduced to put on a motor from the first day just approaching the whole content starting with the atom and working their way through that it was amazing to see that the students were interested and it could have been because they knew they were going to build a robot eventually but they were interested in the content and knowing that process and then when we moved beyond the content and started to have that application students that's so excited and to see the fact that things have been and to learn how to solder it it was just it was just so amazing to see the whole so for me the thing that I've learned in the project is that you don't necessarily and so you know I think being able to come into the classroom is extremely it's taking all the assumptions that we've made and saying these are good assumptions are these aren't good essentially so now we have a much better idea of what works and how we can potentially scale it sucker LD - these are the LED lights right here these are the switches battery logger battery holder with batteries in it these are the paper clips these are other kinds of switches these are resistors these are the motors the this is the starter that we started the wires on there their depth of understanding was surprising to me and I don't know why it should have been fit and I somebody said to me today I know this should not be the exception why aren't we teaching like this I gotcha you know why are we not teaching like this all the time because it's possible and it's amazing what you can do kids I think one of the most important values in this kind of project is the hands-on experience so you take a lot of the things that they're reading the books about atoms and what energy is and where energy sources and they learned about that sunlight is an energy source but actually using a solar cell and being able to apply it to transfer that energy and see it for themselves to light up an LED I think that is an enriching experience in itself you