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Fosillerde DNA’sı Bulunan Dinozorları Klonlayabilir miyiz?

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despite all you what you see in movies in science fiction and some of its very entertaining and you know some nice ideas in there tantalizing ideas we cannot clone a dinosaur we cannot create a Jurassic Park for a number of reasons first there isn't a lot of DNA preserved in the ancient fossils and that that is severely damaged we are nowhere near ever finding a whole genome for an extinct dinosaur maybe in a few years maybe down the line we might finally get some really reliable evidence on a DNA sequence from a dinosaur from some tissue of an ancient dinosaur but it will only be a tiny tiny smattering of that huge genome there could be as many as 30,000 genes and we might get a signal from a couple of them and that certainly won't be enough to clone a dinosaur so I think the answer to this question is it's impossible to clone a dinosaur
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