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my name is Dave Smith name of the company is tech scape IT I look at just about every aspect of my life in a very engineering aspect Engineering is driven by logic so I logically deduce every decision and every fork in the road and find a way to say okay if this equals this then this is the net result then to convert that to a business owner I had to learn the finesse side of it and leave a lot of the engineering side behind every entrepreneur has to be a salesperson if they're not a salesperson then their product are developing isn't going to mature your your best salesperson as an entrepreneur if you can't finesse the product you're gonna have a hard time trying to deliver it to market or even creating a strategy to deliver it to market otherwise you would have to rely on somebody else to deliver your idea your concept your entrepreneur spirit fortunately it was something that came naturally to me and I an engineering background but it came naturally I've realized over the last five years my gift as an entrepreneur is to be able to bridge the gap between technical ability and business ability and be able to articulate and explain to any business owner here's a solution that you're looking for some things you learn over the years of being an entrepreneur and growing in business is that you have to focus on the things that you're good at and then hire people to do the things that you're not necessarily good at I'm good at sales I'm good at bridging the gap other aspects like operational aspects accounting aspects those aren't my specialty so I need to entrust in people and those operational aspects of the business for them to be able to deliver what I'm looking for you need to have a general understanding of your accounting aspect I think that's the most critical thing that you need to because when you start to develop past two-three million dollars of business if you don't have a good handle on your accounting and the KPI who key performance indicators that you should be getting from your business you're not going to be able to measure how fast you can grow with what you can invest also a marketing strategy what is your go-to-market strategy is it a social networking aspect is it a direct marketing is it a telemarketing what is going to be able to establish the best customer base for you and be able to target that that marketing strategy it's not the same for every business if you think you're going to start a business and then sit back and enjoy whatever is gonna come don't start a business you have to be able to work harder and more diligently than anybody that's working for you because they won't believe in you if you don't so I'm unsatisfied every day there isn't a day that I go into work and like great like life is great like now I'm gonna enjoy the day everything's fine it's because people's lives I'm responsible for them and so the more people that I hire the more people's lives that I'm responsible for so it's almost like a duty that I feel responsible for is to support these people's lives and making sure that I'm building a company that's financially sound that has the ability to grow in the future and I have to be able to support their lifestyle behind it you go through these different aspects of building the organization and I originally started my business saying okay I want to make a million dollars or I want to grow however big I can grow and then you achieve these goals I feel like people lose sight of what they're trying to accomplish money isn't everything I have to be in the mix of it all I have to be involved in it all and I have a passion for the product that I'm delivering and the success of that product and if I moved on and I went and I sold this company another one I still want that for that that because I built it it's my baby